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Botany Bay Kingy Candy.


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Hi everyone,

I decided to give squidding a go today. I have tried it from a boat before on several occasions and

I suck at it and give up.

After reading Slinkymalinkys article on it this morning I was ready to give it a shot, but this time

land based.

So with my girlfriend in tow we were off to a spot and give it a go. After getting my 1st and 2nd

squid rather easily, :biggrin2: I rang my mate Bill with whom I fish with usually and he came down and joined us.

We had a ball catching ten all up, in windy conditions and having to avoid a couple of spearfishermen

who kept annoying us, by swimming in front of us every time we moved to avoid them :ranting2: in the

end I started casting my jig just in front of their heads which soon made them notice me and leave us

alone :yahoo: .

My gf also caught her 1st & 2nd squid, and Bill got one that was a stonker at 76cm all up length, and

36-37cm at the mantle. Anyway I had a mid afternoon appointment so we called it a day and set off for

home with some nice Kingy candys in our bucket for our next fishing trip, and we also had a nice big squid

for the BBQ tonight :biggrin2:


heres a few pics




Bill and his big Squid


Our catch


Bills squid 76-77cm in total length and 36-37cm mantle



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Hi Penguin

That is the biggest Squid I have ever seen :1yikes:

Are the Big Ones good bait?

Good getting your girlfreind into the fishing maybe you should make her your Wife :wife:

Well Done



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Great work mate. Kingy candies...I like that.

I'd be using mine as Jew chews.

Hope they are the goods either way.

All the best,


PS Hope your gf doesn't get that clean pink shirt in front of too many inkers. Hate her to learn the hard way that designer tees and squid don't mix :074: unless you are loaded.

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Hi Penguin

How did you finish up today

We did not get a hit


Hi Dave it was good to meet you out on the water,

We only got 5 undersize rat Kings, where you saw us and a dozen other keeper



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