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Me and the misses want to try our hand at catching our own bait. I just want to know do you have to catch squid at dawn and dusk or can you catch them anytime of the day AND what kind of rig do you need to catch poddy mullet don't have much luck with the traps

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G'day AZZ00,

Have a look here mate... http://www.fishraider.com.au/fishing-artic...ney-harbour.php

I've got a couple of different thoughts than Michael...

I use scent too (Stimulate usually) and it does seem to improve results but you'll still catch plenty of squid without it too. I've usually found that if you get too many squid following your jig they can normally be caught by going for a smaller jig and a lighter leader but it's rare that it happens more than occasionally.

Early morning is definitely better but you can catch squid any time of the day...

Jig size should be related to the water depth you fish NOT the size of the squid. Go for the smallest jig practical in the circumstances. In summer, fishing shallower reefy/weedy/sandy patches with size 1.8 or 2.0 jigs is very productive and in deeper areas a 2.5 gets down better. In spots like around North Head in relatively deep water you might use a 3.0 - 4.0... some people even go bigger again. The important thing with jig size is that you want to be fishing slowly right above the weed so it's no use using a big jig in shallow water that drops straight INTO the weed or has to be fished too fast... nor do you want to be fishing a size 2.0 jig in 20m of water where it will never effectively get down to the weed where the squid are.

Cheers, Slinky

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Hi AZZOO The Hacking is one of the most reliable areas for catching squid that I know of and squid need clean water flow and prefer areas which have good salinity content and good recovery - i.e.Pittwater.......When squid go up river it's a sign that the water in the system is good and squid thrive in areas that have the right salinity in the water - i.e squid are a rare commodity in the mid and upper Georges.......The Hacking receives excellent salinity and has longer salinity retention, having no connection to a massive influx of freshwater coming down from freshwater tributaries and catchment areas...... The Hacking receives more salinity by not having a constant flow of pollution and intermixed freshwater particularly after rain which to a large extent is due to the saltwater section coming to an end at Audley Weir.........

Another thing that mighy help is the fact that squid become more active when the general bite goes off after a dramatic southerly change has settled in, and particularly on nights leading up to a low front when it can be uncomfortable to go fishing.........It's best to make those nights squid catching nights and these are also good times to find yellowtail active in the Hacking, as yellowtail are very hardy to those conditions and there's nothing much else around in close around other than squid.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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