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Following return from a trip to Japan where I purchased a few good squid jigs (actually received them as gifts), mainly yamashita and yo zuri's I went squidding in middle harbour land based this afternoon. This follows on from multiple efforts to catch squid with cheap jigs.

After about an hour of trying all the old tricks I finally got success with three squid caught in quick succession, :thumbup: much to the delight of a social school group kayaking nearby. Although the two smaller squid are ideal for future baits, the :wife: took control and they are being turned into sashimi and salt and pepper squid.

Great to finally have success and not have to rely on live yakkas to catch squid (with difficulty and I'd rather the kingie the yakka was intended for :mad3: ). Hoping the success continues and will only use Japanese jigs for ever nowpost-8726-1236249259_thumb.jpg

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Guest Aussie007

nice catch mate we only use yamashita's and yo-zuri's altho my cousin tryed a cheap $3 jig the other night and caught a nice squid so dont give up on the cheap ones when the expensive jigs arnt working :thumbup:

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