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Rose Bay Sat 8/03/09

tan the fisherman

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Had been talking to some mates all week about fishing an all nighter on Sat night. With 1kg of fresh squid from the day before, half a bag of last weeks pillies, a sanga and couple of beers we were ready.

Glen and I arrived at Rose Bay at 7.30pm Sat night and waited for Kev to meet us there with the boat.

He rang soon to say that someone had parked his rear lane access in and he couldnt get the boat out.

We had a :beersmile: and a :ranting2: while we waited.

Kev arrived about 20 mins later and we were off. We went to Sow & Pigs first for an hour of nothing.

Then we went over to Clifton Gardens - nothing on the sounder.

So we headed to the spit and there was plenty of action showing. We rigged up and dropped em over the side. We had plenty of bites of varying strength but no hook ups. My heaviest set rod and rig then caught a big slimey which was quickley slabbed and dropped over. The boys caught a couple of big yakkas and that was it.

So yet again another fishless trip!!

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These things happen, but remember, a bad days fishing beats a good day at work any time. You win some you lose some. Better luck next time mate. KEEP IT SAFE and hopefully the next report will be of that fantastic pb you have been after.


Mrs Flightmanager

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