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Average Weather... But Good Fishing.


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Went out offshore today with fellow fishraider FISHBONES.

As we came out of the mouth of the Hacking it was clear that it wasn't going to be a great day for going offshore... the Southerly was blowing quite hard and the water surface was pretty chopped up as a result.

After spending about 30mins getting livies we set off for the Botany FAD. The first livies in the water got hammered and we soon had a couple of nice legals boatside. Whilst fumbling around trying to get the the net out of the cabin i somehow managed to catch my line on the side of the boat and ping - that was the end of my dolly.

Mike got his in though 1-0. The bite went on for about 20 minutes with plenty of unders although i lost what felt like another good fish which as it turns out was to be the story of my day.

After the fish went off the bite we ventured out to the Botany wide FAD and had a really hot bite for about an hour. Every bait that hit the water got taken within seconds until eventually we had no more livies left. We caught some fish on soft plastics as well but they weren't quite so keen on them. With the rain really starting to come down we made the decision to head for home.

Definitely the best session i've had on the Dollies to date. We ended up with 12 legals but would have thrown back approximately 25+ fish - many of them 58s and 59s.

Very average weather but great fun fishing.

Sorry no pictures - too wet for the camera!!

Cheers Mike - looking forward to next time when hopefully all of the just unders will have grown to just overs!

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Congrates Jim on catch the dollies,that would of been fun hook every livie. Mike knows what his doing.

A shame the weather wasn't on your side. Hopefully i'll be going out with you guys next time. Hint hint. LOL.

Anyway congrates both of you on the great catch. catch up with you both soon. :thumbup:

Cheers LALA

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