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Sydney Harbour Sun: Kings 3, Us 1


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Hi Raiders,

After a few weeks finally got a chance to hit the harbour with to target some Kings, the main mission was to get the Mrs onto her first King and test out the new Stella handle i got for the Spheros.

With a successfull mid week squid session was had about 1 kg of freshly frozen squid which took the pressure of catching lives on the day, we set of from Rosebay at around 5.30am and just hit the a closer bait ground for some yakkas, whislt wating for the sun to come up we tried for some squid and managed one around 20cm, once the sun got up we managed a few bite sized yakkas and we were off to the Kingie grounds. At the spot in 12m of water we dropped a variaty of baits live squids, squids stips and live yakkas. First strike was the Mrs and it wasn't long before the a King hit and missed the mark on the yakka, never mind next bait yakka down 2mins in bang the Jig200 doubles over, Struggling to get the rod out of the holder I gave the rod to the Mrs, she tried but was just way to powerful for her, so I took over and had a healthy rat on board, poor bugger was hooked through the bum he went back to grow bigger.

5mins later my new yakka was getting very very skittish so all the attn was on this and the next thing you know my mates Live squid gets hit only to the leader pop before we even got to the rod, Spewing and cursing was all was happening from our boat, I could not believe my mate used 40lb leader, I gave him sh1t all day for it lol I think he had the drag on the Dog fight wound up to tight, it was just hit and gone. Now that got me fired up thinking we may have a nice patch under us, I thought I give Jigging a try after going to Perth I still got some with draws from it lol, anyways Out comes a 120g Knife put onto a certate Custom HD matched with a Saltiga jigging rod I persisted to jig in 12m, couple of drops later I came up solid thinking it was a snag but it was a hit, but missed the mark, I got very surprised so next drop I come up solid and this thing was stripping drag like crazy (Pretty Much Locked) but the bugger found the reef and now is wearing a nice 120knife hanging from its mouth felt like a decent fish. We had a laugh and could not believed what just happened anyways more cursing.

Wasn't long after the jigged fish we get another hook up on a squid strip, we had a instense close battle (with my mate falling on his ass as he lost balance, Funny stuff) we had a nice 70-75cm to the boat and that was it as it found bottom early in the fight and scaffed the leader so the leader popped before it was within netting range.

I guess it was just once of those days, went over to cliftons for nothing then went back for a last ditch effort to the first spot for zilch (pinkies everywhere) we called a day. Well it is better to have Hooked and Faught then to have not hooked at all.

Next mission to get a legal king in the harbour with a jig.

Till then tight Lines



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