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Flathead And Narrabeen Lakes


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Fellow fishers,

I have been fishing all my life and know many of the tricks of the trade but have always specialised on bait fishing. Over the last 2years with my little bloke doing life saving I have taken to taking the yak down to Narrabeen lakes and flicking plastics for flathead. Each time I go down I am getting 1-2 flatties but the numbers are slim and I feel like it is russian roulette.

Does anyone have any theories on the Narrabeen lakes? I have many questions but few answers. To date my success has been on the back of:

- Narra seems to fish better at low tide

- Larger mustard seed plastics have worked best

- Using the anchor off the yak is a must as you dirft too quickly without it.

- Super light line is great

- Flicking into the weeds is most productive

As for the questions:

- Really not sure about the tide issue - maybe I am just fishing the wrong spots at high tide

- Rain - don't know the impact in the lake

- Tidal - do the flatties more up stream at high tide and move the the mouth at low tide

- Colour of plastics.....

- Slow retrieve vs lift and wind - not sure how fast to retrieve

Any light anyone can shed on Narrabeen Lakes would be appreciated.



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Hi wammo

Try fishing around the bridge ie outgoing tide coast side ,incoming tide west side .

litle bay right hand side ,west side bridge is productive .

flick around mud island [ out of wimbldon park ]

also try the shallow flats on the edge ie broken sand and weed .

i use 3inch gulp minnows in pumkinseed .to great affect.

oh and dont tell anyone :biggrin2:

good luck


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