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Botany Bay King


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Hi all.

Woke up Sunday morning ready to tackle all the chores around the house.....Instead decided to go fishing for a Kingie for dinner. Got on the water about 7:00am for a downrig around Moli point for two kingies undersized...great fun.

The southerly quite annoying so I decided to head off to oil wharf and anchored up in about 10 meters of water. Dropped a whole squid 1 meter shy of the bottom for a king or jewie... As I was playing with some trevally, when the rod buckled over and the dragged started to scream as I saw the line heading towards the oil wharf. Put the brakes on it and reel the sucker in for an 86cm Kingie. I was stoked.

Went straight home and cooked kingie cutlets for dinner.

Can't wait to do it again..........



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Gee, can't get much better than that Savage73! 86cm kingy!

You certainly made the right choice, catching a kingy is more important than chores around the house!

Must have been a great fight.

Top catch.



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