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Long Reef


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Hi mate, I used to fish long reef practically every weekend in summer about 15years ago.

crustacians are protected there so you cant catch crabs or cut cunjevoi however if you take the time to collect crabs elsewhere and bring them with you there are some really big groper of the front of the island. I call it an island because it is surrounded by water on high tide, but bassically i am talking about the most eastern point of rock. In the shallows at the sides and back of the island on high tide you can catch some very good bream with a small size 00 ball sinker right on the hook with chicken gut or prawns. Fish with a float with bread and burly with some bread and you can catch very good size drummer or rock blackfish, there are also quite a few luderick at times on cabbage weed. Try and keep the float in the milky coloured water for drummer and blackfish and you should do ok.

To the northern side of the island on high tide there is a good pothole that sometimes holds good bream and blackfish but you pretty much have to stand on the edge of the hole with water pouring in from the ocean so be careful as it can be a bit hairy at times although if you do happen to get knocked off your feet the waves push you into shallow calm water so it is relatively safe just a bloody nuisance more than anything so long as you dont mind getting wet occassionally!

On low tide fish the sides of the main rock platform for drummer, groper and blackfish and bream, but again try and find some milky coloured water for best results. The shallows to the side and rear of the island fish well for bream at night on high tide and is completely safe even on a big swell as the island protects you.

good luck and let me know how you go.


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