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Top Day Landbased

mr kingy

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Arrived at our spot at 6.00am last saturday. Perfect conditions NE nice bump in the ocean , nice colour water.

Rigged up quickly and started spinning with my cousin Dan.

Enquired with the other fishos , if anything had been caught or seen ( apparently nothing but a few follows they said salmon.)

With that in mind we knew the fish were there,they had to be couldn't have asked for better conditions .

After spinning for about 10 mins we had follows but no takes .I quickly turned to dan & chris another fisho and said wait till the sun comes up .Not long after the sun had risen Dan had follows 2 nice kings.

I had a nice enquiry , :bump0ee: but no hook up, not to worry ( encouraging ) bait was tail munched .

I quickly went to rig up again , just finished rigging up when I LOOK UP & SEE DAN WAS ON A SOLID FISH(KING)

I quickly put my rod down grabbed the gaff & before dan could say i need the gaff , i was standing next to him( teamwork).

This fish was solid peeling 60lb braid like there was no drag set , but the drag was locked up. After taking some punishing runs trying to reef dan up , i told him to stick it to him . 10 mins later a solid king was at our feet nervously waiting to be washed up on the rocks ( gaff wasn't an extendable) . the fish was landed a solid 94cm king . :yahoo:

After seeing that fish there had to be more out there.I grabbed my rod & started spinning .

5 mins had passed and Dan was back on the rocks spinning after a celebratorie ciggy.We continued spinning & getting continious follows .

By now the other fishos packed it in. (as they say persistence pays ). We had the rock to ourselves .

As i was spinning had a solid king follow all the way to the rocks , quickly casted again , as i was casting Dans bait was crunched ( love that feeling ) .

Again the reel was screaming another solid king . This fish was a dirty fighter as they all are trying to reef dan up , but Dan was having none of that . he stuck it to him changing angles on the fish with the rod to get him away from the reef .

After a solid 10 min fight the fish was at our feet again but this fish had more left in him ,he tried to reef him up under the rocks . Had no option but to free spool the him and then stick it to him again , the fish was finally washed up .

This fish was dark obviously on the hunt and a hefty 97 cm not bad for the rocks .

After a couple of happy snaps and celebaratory ciggies we started spinning again , with weather changing & 2 solid kings we decided to pack it in & get the fish on ice as quick as possible & head for a few

I guess it wasn't my day i guess it had to be dans after catching over 40 kings & none keepers ( all released to fight another day).

top day on the rocks ( landbased what a rush................... )



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