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Vacuum Sealed Squid For Kings


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Finally purchased a 20cm sunbeam vacuum sealer ! they work a damn treat BUTTTT quick question

As soon as i catch live squid i whack them in a bucket and replenish the water every so often until i go home...As soon as i get home i vacuum seal them str8 away ! Like i said the sealer works a treat and the squid looks nice and brown ( natural looking ) on the top but after afew days i noticed the belly has a very slight TINGE OF PINK - does this mean my bait is useless ?

I always keep my bait fresh and make sure no fresh water gets to them - on a whole i'd say 90% of the squid looks fresh like i just caught it as soon as i take it out of the freezer , it's just the underside with the tinge of pink i'm worried about...

I'm using them for baits for kingfish... i think they're fine as they're fully sealed, i just thought that no pink should show up once they're vacuum sealed ? are my baits stuffed ?

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Hi ya archilles2

I reckon they'd be fine - if the seal had broken, the bag would 'puff up' and the squid would go off pretty quickly & puff up even more, or worse, break & spill foul smelling liquid into your fridge! I always 'double seal' mine by putting the edge back onto the heating bar & giving it a second go, to be sure, to be sure.

You may notice that they smell a bit 'strong' when you open the bag to use them. This is normal.

If you have frozen any of your bait in the bag, it would be a good idea to put a small hole in the top of the bag before it defrosts, as liquid could suck out of the bait as it defrosts, due to the compression in the bag. Putting a small hole in the bag first should eliminate this ........ whether for steak or whatever! Make sure you have them in a waterproof container with a lid on.

I'd say the colour change is a natural occurrence - I reckon the kingies will still 'go' for them, quick as!!



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