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Friday 13th / 3 / 2009


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Hi Everyone,

Well i decided to fish good old Botany Bay,seeing as though i hadn't fished the bay for over a month is was time to see if the kingfish were still around. We managed some live bait early but it was a struggle probably due to the full moon and big tides. After catching a few squid we decided to hit the kingfish hideouts and it wasnt long till the rod was buckling. After a short fight that put me into both corners of the boat and almost around the outboard prop a 99cm kingfish was soon laying in the net :thumbup: . And after a quick photo it then found its way into the esky. Well done reece nice net work..... :yahoo: Had a few half hearted takes after that one but no other hook ups.Things are looking promising for the next week or so considering the kings still biting on the full Moon.

Cheers ..... Dogtooth...... :1fishing1: John..... :beersmile:


Botany Bay King


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Well done on the kingfish yet again Dogtooth... :thumbup: Whatever you're doing is certainly making these hoodlum kingfish follow the sound of your boat....... :1yikes:

Hey John I didn't realise that we talked kingfish and jew on the phone for almost an hour the other day during my lunch break :1prop::D


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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