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Avoca Rocks Today

Ray R

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G'day Raiders, I was around the rocks fairly early this morning, I was throwing out wide with squid strips and caught one of nearly everything in the ocean, caught one of each of these




a reddie I was tempted to keep only 34cms so I put him back

a stingaree

and a flattie

all the went back , kept me busy though and it was a nice morning.

Came home and scoffed down a few salad sangas a big mug of orange juice, fell asleep on the lounge for 15 mins or so, got into the shower, dried off, fresh fishing clobber on and back around the rocks I went.

Did some squid spinning and only got one, dodge quite a few swells and decided to see how some guys I knew further around the platform.

They didn't have much luck with the tuna or bonnies, so I thought I would chuck on a small number 8 long shank hook, a swivel being my only weight and a few strands of stringy green stuff well there were some luderick there and I got a couple , this is a first for me , seen it done before but I had never tried it and I was stoked, they fought hard on the rack raider with my little stradic.

Well that was my day, got home before the storms and ripped the top off a couple of cascades, a day of ones and a first..


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