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Fishing In Quakers Hill


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Gday raiders,

Anyone know of any fishing options close to Quakers Hill? Carp, mullet, bass .. whatever

Preferably within a 30min drive.

I noticed a sign for fishing out near windsor/oakwood (behind the vineyard hotel) on the weekend but have no idea what sort of fishing it is .. im guessing carp or bass?

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I have regularly fished the Rouse Hill area for carp. Mindaribba Ave Rouse Hill is a good spot. Drive down that street. In front of you there is a reserve.Park there, walk down a path that goes down to a weir that you can cross. I fish off that weir, some monster carp in there. I have been busted off by some real beauties.

Glenwood Lake is another place that I have seen carp caught.

Breakfast Creek at the end of Voysey Close Quakers Hill. You will usually see big carp & mullet near the surface. Also, bass have been caught in there as well.

I heard tahe woodcroft Lake also holds good carp. Never been there myself, but have heard of good fish on there.

I found that unweighted bread works real well at Rouse Hill. I burley them up using bread and you see the carp feed on the surface. Very exciting to see.

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I must try fishing those little lakes for carp myself.

You can also put a canoe or punt in on Cattai Creek, off Pitt Town Rd. Should be bass.

In 20 minutes down the M4, you can be at Penrith, chasing bass.

I think that paid fishing behind the Vineyard Hotel has stocked dams, so I'm thinking silver perch etc.

In maybe just over 30 minutes, possibly 40, depending how you drive, you can be at Berowra Waters.

Good luck,


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#1Son and his mates regularly go down to Plumpton to fish for carp. They tell me that they are in abundance. They have also caught a few other species there.


Mrs Flightmanager

Hey Cath,

Whereabouts in Plumpton do they fish for carp? Love to check it out.

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