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Lost 4 Piece Rod Holder With Rods!


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Hey all,

My father in law decided to mount a new four piece rod holder to the back of the railing on our bowrider.

I didn't realised this but it was only held together with split clips... we drove back from botany bay boat

ramp back to Illawong! When we got home the whole thing was missing - rods and all!

We know they weren't stolen because there was an indication they had fallen off, and my father in law

hadn't mounted them properly..

Lucky they were'n't toooo expensive but everything was new! grrrr all rods had tiny shimano reels matched

up with a combo of shimano rods and jarvis walker rods. Total cost $300 inlc holder - if anyone hears about

this please pm me $ 50 reward - Thanks

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Mate sorry to hear about your loss. I doubt it will make you feel any better but my stupidity offered the fish gods of Botany a brand new Ugly combo on the weekend too.

So accidents happen but hopefully a decent fisho may have found your lost rods & will get in contact with you.

Best of luck.

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