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Big Schools Of Bondi


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On the NEWS last night there was a Warning to swimmers to take care at BONDI, as there were LARGE schools of fish just outside the break......? :thumbup: Which would make the threat of sharks more possible..

Instead of thinking about not going swimming.... I thinking how do I get of work and get to sydney to get amoungst these fish????? :mad3:

Anyone go out there to have a look????? :1fishing1:

Anyone know what type are schooling?

Best of luck to all and be safe....

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at a guess

i say slimies being alot around lately and decent size ones too.

was at cronulla today for a surf and just about to go in

when about 200metres from shore seen some splashes.

then stopped and watched and it happened a few times

so waited 15mins b4 i went in was a bit parranoid then.

i dont think it was dolphins as it was only 1 splash at a time and as far as i know and have

seen dolphins are in groups.

makes you wonder

On the dolphin note.. was out Sunday morning down Marley and Wattamolla and everywhere in between and there were plenty of dolphins about heading up the cliffs. Great fun watchin them jump alongside and not to far from the boat when we were underway. Considering how many i saw (at least 30 over an hour or two) it is very possible there were dolphins off cronulla.

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