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Did Anyone Else Go For A Fish On Botany Bay?


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Hi all

Tried the Bay on saturday. Started off between Mollinou point and Bare island for the Kingies using down rigger and a slow trol but no luck. So headed outside for a fish. Picked up some good size nanigais an a huge

Leather jacket. Decided to try out wide of the lighthouse but the currant was too strong and most of the boats that were there headed back in towards shore. Came back in and tried in front of Malibar for the flatties but was only getting the small spikies and a trevally. Decided to call it quits. Sorry about no pict. but had camera and left batteries on charge at home.

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yup! went out on saturday from 4am... didnt catch 1 fish all day... not 1!

Unlucky mate we put some livies out and nothing was touched was hoping to get some kingies the last two trips out weve picked up one each time one at 68cm and the other 73cm but was very dissapointed im gonna try and head back out to the bay tomorrow and try my luck again

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Hi guys,

Yeah we had the same fate NADA it was thought we go back to the bay for a session instead of the harbour, hit the water by 5am straight collect bait, then went out side a little around North head dropped live squid, live yakka, squid strips, threw stick baits Halco Laser pros for NADA, then slow trolled abit, went to to South side same deal NADA then last ditch Mol point for a big NADA again, I did see a bend in our rod but unfortuantely we hooked the earth. Anyways back to the harbour next time.



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Quite Day in Bate Bay on Sunday, went over to the reef and drifted out wide, no fish not even any birds chaseing any bait fish,

Was quitest day fishing I have ever had, headed back into Port Hacking & down to North Arm, tried a couple of deep holes, but soon lost interest & packed up

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