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Can Someone Give Me Some Advice On A Lowrance


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Hi all,

just need some advice on whether or not its worth buying a Lowrance X126DF fish finder i only fish around botany bay and occasionally go out only a few klms off shore weather permitting of course my mate bought one for $249 and ive seen it advertised instore for around $500-$550 he wants to sell it to me for what he bought it for as his mrs didnt know about his purchase and went a bit crazy

its still in the box brand new i just want some advice on whether its worth buying or not as i havent used fish finders at all and wouldnt know what to look for in one


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G'day Bustoff,

Can't advise you on that unit as I don't know it but sounders are a great investment if:

- you get one with quality and features that suit your needs and

- you learn how to use it properly

I've used Lowrance sounders on my last 2 boats and swear by them... reliable, good value and very user friendly. As far as I know they don't make any dud models but there's a huuuuge difference in the capabilities of the models at the bottom and top of the range.

It's also worth noting that sounder quality has advanced at about the same pace as computers. This means that a top line sounder from say 5 years ago is nowhere near top line now. ALso like computers, the general cost of the technology has reduced over time so it's hard to compare the price a unit cost with what it's worth.

Hopefully another Raider will know that model in particular.

Cheers, Slinky

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