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Avoca Rocks Nice Bream

Ray R

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Hi Raiders, just got back from a successful fish off the rocks, rigged up my trusty old FSU 4120 with a couple of hooks and a 4 ounce lead and a nice slab of salted slimey mack and let fly with the wind , cast seemed to go forever with the stiff southerly behind me, anyway I sit and wait for the action, didn't take too long before I get a few little taps, I heaved and hooked a tiny little bream anout 24-25 cms, so he went back in.

Baited up again and scored the dreaded stingaree, Icarefully removed the hooks and he went back in.

The next bait goes out and just sits there for 20 mins or so , I thought it must have been picked off by now without me seeing the bites but no, the old rod buckles and I grab it and hook in I firstly thought it was a little reddie but turns out to be a 37 cm bream a nice healthy fat bream too, he goes into the bucket after a couple of pics and out goes another slab of slimey, this bait only takes 5mins to get nailed the the next bream, he is a bit smaller 32 cms.

So after all this action I decide it was time to pick up youngest son Jordan(he was surfing on the point)grab all my gear and come home.

The conditions were a bit nasty around there today although the first platform where I was wasn't to bad , had to keep an eye on the water at all times though..

Anyway that's it for now , and enjoyable arvo/evening around the rocks with a couple of tasty bream for the missus..








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Nice lookin' fat bream there, Ray!! The old salted slimey mack works again! Hmmmm, I don't do much rock fishin' any more!! Tho I did enjoy it when I first arrived in Forster 10 years ago! Yaaaay! Our 10 year 'occupancy' comes up in July! :)

That 4120 would make a good blackie/drummer rod from the rocks, wouldn't it? Bendy enough, with grunt near the reel seat?

Well done with the nice fish feed! :)



BYW, lovely pics, too!!! Did you get dumped on by the rain? I did!

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Good on ya Ray. A quick and productive setting, with the obligatory scenic shot thrown in for good measure. You have some fantastic locations down your way mate. Well done, and keep your reports and photos coming!



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Hi Ray,

Good lokkin fish.

I live in Avoca and have just taken up fishing in the last 6 months.

I've been a little upset with the sea conditions as things have been a tad rough.

Any tips on where and when, what types of baits and rigs etc. I could use to better my chances of fishing this lovely spot.

If you wanted you could give me a call on 0448851346. Peter's my name by the way.


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