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Port Stephens - Spinning Out


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Hi All.

An early (3.40am) wakeup, for the hour drive to Newcastle to mates house, to meet him at 5am. Sneaky Pete was all ready to go, :1welcomeani: threw my gear on board and we headed off to Port Stephens. We arrived at the boat ramp, pre-dawn with the conditions looking perfect. As it turned out, too perfect.

Friday had rained all day, with on shore sou-easters blowing, which we hoped would get the bommies and assorted reefs frothing on Saturday. We headed out the heads, no wind, smooth glassy surface, we still had hopes that everything would come together. Within the first 15 minutes we were on the edge of a pod of dolphins circling baitfish and the sighting of Long tail Tuna in amonst the madness, got the adrenalin really pumping. There were birds everywhere and keeping them off our lures became a problem. Pete was using a big stick bait, just below the surface, while I dragged a popper accross the surface. The only interest was from the birds and it was all over in about 10 minutes. We headed straight to the small island out from the heads and started spinning, with Pete lifting a small Kingy on a 5" soft plastic. As he lifted the fish, the water went dark brown with Leatherjackets following the Kingy. I couldn't get my line in quick enough and got bitten through. :1badmood: We moved straight off toward Broughton Island and worked over all the bommies and reefs, with no success. The water was crystal clear, you could see the bottom in 35 foot depth and there was bait fish everywhere. No fish wanted to play. We used surface lpoppers, hard body sub-surface lures, large and small soft plastics, at all different depths and tried all alternatives in between.

All up, a few rats, my standard plastic bags (ie Sargent Baker), a few small bonito and assorted other small stuff. We kept at it till mid afternoon and finally gave up and headed back home, leaving the ramp at 3pm.

Even without descent fish, it was a glorious day, out with a great mate, enjoying one of lifes great pleasures. :thumbup:

Wont get out with Sneaky Pete for a while, as I and the much better half, are heading up to Evans Heads in two weeks, for two weeks holidays :biggrin2: We are taking the double yak so hopefully we will be eating fresh fish regularly.


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