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Rod/reel Swimming With The Fishes


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As you may have read i lost my favourite bream rod today and need a replacement. I want to spend about $500 and hope that will get me some 6 pound braid on it too. Any suggestions? I have heard that the daiwa sol is a good reel but i have always been a shimano man but happy if anyone can steer me in the right direction. I will use it for chasing bream, flathead and for squid as well.

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Here's a couple for you to consider mate:

Daiwa Advantage 7' 2-4kg Rod matched to 2000 Advantage reel

Daiwa SOL 7' 2-4kg Rod matched to 2000 SOL reel

Shimano TCurve Tournament 6'9" or 6'6" spin matched to Stradic or Symetre in 2500

I have the 3 outfits highlighted in red and am very happy with them. Ideally, a 7' rod in 1-3kg or 2-4kg with a good 2000/2500 reel will serve the purpose you mentioned very well.

Hope this helps mate. Happy shopping


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I too was once a Shimano man until Hodgey showed me his TD Sol. Since then I've converted.

The Daiwas are no better than the equivalent Shimano performance wise IMHO but I just like the feel of them a lot more... it's not something I can measure just a gut and hand reaction thing.

I have a Sol 2000 and a Luvias 2000... both lovely reels.

Cheers, Slinky

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Thanks Hodgey and Slinky,

I had a look on our sponsers website and the sol 2000 seems to retail for about $340 which only leave me $160 for the rod as i want to try and limit it to $500 (i think i should get something decent for that i hope). I am not sure whether i should be trying to match up quality of rod/reel or better reel/crappier rod is best. Any ideas?

Slinky i have never held a sol but i am already feeling good vibes from them.

Thanks. Mike.

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HI Mate,

Another option is to check out the TD Advantage rod and reels, they are on grade below the Sol, but still is a very nice combo and might just fit in with the $500 budget. I have the TDA 4000 and the 10-17lb stick, I use this for throwing large stick baits and float bait fishing.

Just food for thought.



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g'day mike,

i'll vouch for the sol too mate... beautiful reel... i agree with Slinky, heaps smooth reel...!

i'd recommend getting a decent reel, and maybe a cheaper rod?! however, you can get a pretty decent rod for $160 that will do the job nicely... im sure Pete at Go Fish can sort you out..

good luck man... let us know what you end up with!

cheers mate


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hey mate i have a sol 2000 on a 4-8lb daiwa advantage rod looks good feels good and it cost me around about what you want to spend spooled up with braid. i paid 270 for the sol and around 200 for the rod, hope this helps.

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The SOL's are a nice reel you will be happy with that outfit. :thumbup:

Been looking at a SOL 2500 for my Loomis DSR820S gotta come by a bit more walking around money though.

Missus is off to Japan next month, :wife: not game to tell her how much i'd like to spend on a new reel, so I will have to get it here.

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