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Good Friday Kings - Blown Up Reel W/pics


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Hi Raiders

The plan was to hit the harbour to chase some king to eat over the long weekend, armed with plenty of frozen squid caught earlier in the week as back up, we hit Rose Bay at 5am and went straight to try get some live squids, the first spot we hit we manged a nice sized arrow and things were starting to look good and half hour later with the sun starting to poke through we made the choice to try another spot. These spot turned it on and with in half hour we have 3 fairly large green eye to hit the deck, thought geez bait was easy to come by today.

We then went straight to our kingie ground, we dropped a mixture of live squid, stirps and head. Our first fish came within 10mins from a live squid being 66cm he was quickly dispatched and bleed, from here on the action was non stop for the next hour and a half, at one stage I couldn't even finish up tieing a new leader as fish was comming over the side left right and centre. We fished a variaty of method including, baits couple of metre of the bottom, strips under a float, and free floating bait cast out, the kings took every type of offering we gave them. Also there was a couple of salmon mixed in with the action, the high light was watching my g/f hook up to a decent salmon on her little outfit which took her about 10min to landed, this fish went close to 70cm


All up by 8.30am we landed 3 legal kings: 66cm, 68, and a 70, with 2 or 3 throw backs along with 4 bust off and couple of decent salmons tossed in, we were enjoying a very good good friday. After about an hour and a half the action died and all our offering was being stolen by picker we decided to make a move over to north head as the conditions was great, dropped the pcik stayed for 20min with not a touch we decided to try CG.

CG was pretty quite with only one rat of 60cm to hit the deck, however this rat total destroyed my mates Certate 3500hd, upon hook up the reel foot blew up on him, I didn't what what was happening all I saw was my mate fumbling on hook up, it wasn't till I saw the reel on the floor before I knew what had happened, from there on it was team work to land this little tackle destroyer, my mate haded lined him whislt I held the reel and wound up the slack. With the reel purchased only last year he sure is gona pay Daiwa a visted after the long weekend.

Apart from the broken reel, we had one of our best days on the harbour. Also back at the ramp the mariatime was doing their rounds at the ramp, we got checked for all the safty equipment and fish sizes, so all raider hitting the water make sure you have all your safty equipment with you.

Anyways here is a of photos of the broken reel.




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G'day SZ1,

Nice session mate... your GFs salmon sounds like a corker. :thumbup:

What a bugger about the reel. Good gear isn't meant to do that... I'd be taking that one back to the store or if that's no good... talking to Daiwa. Even cheap gear shouldn't break like that - must be a fault in the metal or something.

Cheers, Slinky

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Hi guys,

I agree with Slinky there must have been a issue with the metal, I read up on the sepc as the body is made from cast alloy, where an air bubble may have developed during the casting process, which in turn caused a weak spot.

My friend actually took the breakage pretty good, we had a few good laughs about it, lucky we caught some fish that day. His going to contact daiwa tomorrow regarding the warrenty.



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intresting post dude we went out on the harbour to it was a good day on the fishing front landed a 70 cm kingie on 2lb bream gear and some good snapper biggest went 42 cm but high light of the day was the 60 cm trevor on the bream gear went hard with the lil one fighting it for 15 mins ... we got checked 3 times twice buy the police they were on jet skis the second time at rose bay wharf lol and the fisheries to but it was a top day


top breamer

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