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Went for a fish on friday with my dad at narralakes to try out my new centerpin reel (not really new, its been collecting dust for 2 months). Spooled with 4kg mono, and fluro blue! it was the first time iv used one, AND it was christened with it's first blackie!!! going 28cm LEGAL!!! Casting wasnt a problem either, thats if i didnt try aim for distance. No birds nest but the line kept slipping out of the spool and getting caught on the handles etc. Also tying to bait up and holding onto the reel was a problem..imagine trying to net the fish, pick up the fish then put it into a keeper net while you're in the water :1yikes: plenty of baby blackies at the caravan park and loads of mullet. Plus loads of weed and i mean mountains of it, i think i got pelicans itch again because there was a lack of flow at the entrance.

Justin :1fishing1:

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Congrats on christening the new reel Justin. :thumbup:

I have to admit to cracking up at the rest of your post... those old salt blackie fishos make it all look so easy but it's like simultaneously patting your head and rubbing your stomach while hopping on a pogo stick :biggrin2:

Is it the reel or the line that's fluoro blue... if it's the reel I'd love to see a pic. Sounds like a special bit of gear.

Cheers, Slinky

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Hi Juzza

Well done on christening your centrepin with a legal blackie! :) The rest of your post, I can thoroughly 'feel for you'!! I had the 'line round the handles', line under the spool, strike a fish & the reel spun backwards & didn't connect with the fish, big bird nests ........ plus other issues too! :wacko:

That's why I went back to a spinning reel.

However, the centrepin reels really come into their own when in boats, with no need to cast! Just place the float in the water & the flow just takes the hook to the fish. The fish are often just feet away from the boat, along weed edges & drop offs.



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Juzza what brand of pin you using, I learnt to use one very quickly from Dad he gave me his old Avon, theres a knack to casting being able to feather the spool with a finger tip to slow it down at the exact moment and flick the wrist to lay the line and rig out with it not wrapping over your float!

To bait up put the rod and reel under your arm and rest the rod in the crook of your elbow the reel jammed under your arm it wont spin!

If the reel has a ratchet thta is positioned well like the old avons or Trudex or even better the golden eagle cousin to the avon royal then flicking it on to stop the line spinning is quite simple hand over the rod thumb on spool index finger to activate ratchet, though once you have been doing it a few years it is relatively easy to perform.

Keep at it even though as Roberta says there are advantages to an eggbeater! Palming a spool to acheive drag on big blackie is fun always gets the adrenelin pumping! Never did stop watching in awe the way my father practised the art of blackie fishing from the baiting and the way he could cast with a single hand applying a delicate touch to the reel. I am glad he taught me what he knew well he did pass on with a few secrets! Damn i will miss those adventures! :(

Good luck in the future on the blackies mate!

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Hi Justin,

Congrates on your first blackie on the new centre pin. Hopefully I'll see you in the lake soon when those big suckers come through. I also bought a centre pin recently. I will use it in the estuaries but I'll stick to the egg beater off the rocks. It's funny you know, when you get used to something, it's hard to change but thats what makes change so exciting.

Cheers Luke

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Well Done!

I remember my first luderick, decades ago now but a special moment none the less.

Living at The Entrance and fishing Tuggerah Lakes rgularly I have copped a bit of pelican itch. Last year, after a session flicking for flatties near the open mouth of the lake, I came home with about forty "bites" on each foot. Excruciating.

Anti histamines help but I went out and purchased a pair of chest waders. Best money I've spent on fishing tackle for a while!


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