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Eventful Long Weekend At South West Rocks


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once again my friends and myself decided to spend the long weekend up at south west rocks to get a few good days fishing in. my mates went up the week before as they didnt have work so i decided to drive up on the thursday arvo after work so i could get a fish in for good friday

the traffic wasnt too bad just a little bit of traffic from north ryde to mooney mooney. about an hour out from south west rocks at a place called kundabung at bout 10 at night i look in my rear view and see the dreaded blue and red lights flashing, after a bit of swearing and punching the steering wheel i pulled over to find out ive been done 120 in a hundred and no p plates, 400 odd dollar fine and going to loose my license for a few months. not a very good start to the long weekend. :ranting2:

any way finally got up to swr and and reversed parked into my mates subaru, thank god i only doing bout 2kms an hour, so no damage

so finally got to bed and the next morning work up at 4am to make the trek out to hat head, got there at about 430 ish and thought no one would b that crazy to b here this early, but wernt we wrong there were already four other cars there. so any way we made the trek out to spinning ledge to see it packed with people except this little spot down the end, so rigged up and started spinning.

after about 15 20 odd minutes the guys next to us are on to the first fish iof the day and its a nice mack tuna about 45 cms long, and not long after that were all on

all day we were bringing in fish between the 30 and 60 cm mark great fun of the stones, giving an awesome fight, also lost about 80 bucks worth of lures snaggign them on the rocks. but all in all awesome fun and a first for me.

my mate also caught this trevally thing not too sure what kind but it had a gold sheen to it

will post photos soon just gotta get then of the camerapost-9477-1239969098_thumb.jpg

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I lost my license when i was a kid for 2 years and now i drive like a grandma most of the time. Shame about the fine. Never got into fishing off the rocks but i admire those that can do it. Sounds like there were plenty of fish caught. Good times.

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What a horrible start to your long weekend. How silly was that, 120 in a 100, and on a long weekend. Hopefully it will make you more careful when you get the licence back. Hope your mate wasn't too miffed about the nudge to his car.

Im glad that the weekend picked up for you and that you guys managed to catch some decent fish. Can't wait to see the pics.

Stay safe, and remember, keep the foot of the loud pedal and always, always display your p plates until you dont need them again.


Mrs Flightmanager

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SH#%* Mate I feel for you as I to lost mine and on a long weekend as well.The worst thing is that I have a family and it really upsets the dinamics surrounding the home situation.

On a MUCH more brighter note you got some good fish that I can only dream about.

Cheers Clem

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