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Easter At Jindabyne


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Spent Easter at Jindabyne - first trip for three years. Had a forgettable start to the fishing on Saturday morning when I discovered a dead flat battery (almost brand new!!) at the ramp. :mad3::mad3: Managed to find a small charger at the tackle shop near the ramp so tried again that afternoon with my son in law as crew. In stormy looking weather we landed 6 rainbows, all about 35 cm long - perfect for a meal each. A very early start on Sunday drew a blank. Monday morning saw five more rainbows boated - all similar in size to the earlier ones. Heaps showing on the sounder in places but they had their mouths wide shut!!. Took my wife out again on Monday evening and she scored the fish of the weekend - but still only 45cm - while I scored one of 40 cm. I was greeted by rain this morning and made a later start (6.30). Managed one rainbow of 40cm ten minutes in but that was the only action I saw.

Most fish were taken on trolled tassie devils - predominately various yellow winged models - on the surface either very early or very late. Also scored a couple on minnows on three colours of leadline. No success on the downrigger despite pulling lures of various types through schooled fish in various locations. The talk at the ramp was that things were pretty quiet and most fish were taken on the surface in the wee small hours. However I did see a couple of nice browns that were taken downrigging.

All in all a great break away and able to catch a few fish to boot. None worth photographing so have added a few shots that might portray the various moods of Lake Jindabyne.







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g'day kel,

great to hear a report from the mountain lakes, dramatic pictures

they really give you a feel for the area. nice country. probably a nice fire going somewhere.

I heard the yellow wings were consistantly working the best up there.

the last couple of times i have been after trout . have had to work hard and chuck everything at them


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