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Fishing With Jewgaffer 11 / 04 /09


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Hi everyone ,

Well it was decided to fish Port Hacking in search of a Jewfish and onboard was Jewgaffer ( Byron ) and Cungee George . We found a nice little entrance to one of the bays that was holding a lot of bait on the sounder and decided to fish there for both tide changes as it looked very fishey…… Out went a variety of baits that included fresh squid , slab baits and live baits and it wasn’t long and George pulled in 2 eels . I Then hooked up and thought I had a nice fish only to see a 4 foot wobegong shark that was quickly released .. Byron then got a banjo shark and the bycatch looked like it stopped . George then hooked up on a live bait and reeled in the biggest red rock cod ( poor mans lobster ) I have ever seen it went 40 cms . All bites seemed to stop and Byrons rod buckled and his reel screamed to life , He was hooked up to an unstoppable that smoked all the line off his reel in 1 run all the way to the knot….. 300 plus metres of 80 lb braid gone and with a lot of drag ……… :ranting2: lucky it snapped at the hook end otherwise he would have well and truly been spooled , a quick look at the trace and judging by the power I would say a very large shark . Now Byron did well to hold the rod let alone respool his reel again with all the line he lost ……… Might have to go shark fishing there one night with the Kingie gear…….

Anyway there was no shortage of big slimey mackerel and yellowtail and the live bait tank was full . George caught another red rockcod and a banjo shark .

Other than that we didn’t see any jewfish but it would have been good for Byron to have bagged one for all the effort on getting out on the boat . Now im sure that many a fishy story is being told as he is recovering from surgery and there is a seat for you Byron when your ready to fish again :thumbup: .

Cheers ……….Dogtooth :1fishing1: …………….John………… :beersmile:


Red Rock cod


Banjo Shark

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I am surprised that byron didnt suggest the georges river with all the jew activity there lately.

Good to see he is not letting his debilitating back problems stop him from doing what he does best - Catch banjo's!! :074::074:

good on ya for getting him out on the water john!


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I know my common call has been "there are NO Jews in the Hacking" (and it has been proved by Dogtooth and Byron once again) but as of teo nights ago my new saying is "there are no decent jews in the Hacking"

I landed two at the end of Yowie Bay on live squid late Monday/early Tuesday. Legal they may have been but 50cm Jews are not "decent"


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