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Sydney Harbour 15/4


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Decided to go for a fish in the harbour today. Launched at rosebay at around 11am and conditions were perfect. Only a slight amount of wind and a little bit of swell.

Our plan was to look for some surface action then go to the flattie grounds and try to pick up a feed. There didnt seem to be any birds working anywhere in the harbour so we decided to go to the flattie grounds.

The water was quite dirty where we were but we deided to fish there anywway. We started our berley trail and got our lines in the water. Fished there for 1 hour for one flounder.

So we thought we should get some lures in the water and go for a troll. We trolled to bondi and back for zilch. No birds were there and there were also no baitfish. By then the wind had come up so we just drove back to rose bay.

When we were trolling there were these creamy coloured objects about 1 metre under the surface. They looked like giant jelly fish except they didnt have any tentacles. Anybody have any ideas on what they could be.

Cheers hazza :thumbup:

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Mate i saw heaps of them out there today. Definatly some kind of jelly fish. Some were huge. I am supprised i didnt run into you at rose bay as i was pulling in around that time.

Today was a bit of a shut down day, i pulled nothing but sargent baker all day. I did see one lone dolly swimming round my boat for a while, but wouldnt take anything i offered.

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