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Hey all long time lurker first time poster thought i'd introduce myself.

Firstly didn't know where to put it, lately uni work has driven me up the wall, plus not time for fishing :05:

Anyway name is Goran currently at uni and i've been fishing since i was born but recently moved to lures and have been bitten by the bug and i'm more stuff then catching fish :biggrin2:

Mainly a freshwater fisho, trout the main target because they are readily available, still support and target native fish and enjoy every bit of it.

So yeah, finally joined after ages of browsing and hopefully i'll add my share of stuff fishing and non-fishing related.

Cheers fellas


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:1welcomeani: Goran, glad you finally came and joined our happy family.

This is the best place on earth to get all the fishing advise that you would need, whether that be land based or boating, recreational or sports fishing, bait or lure fishing, even soft plastics. You name it we have it here. All you need to do is ask a question and you can usually be guaranteed of plenty of answers. (remember there is no such thing as a silly question) It doesnt matter how big or how small the question or problem, just ask.

We also have some terrific sponsors on this site: If its fishing gear or even camping equipment you cant go past Go Fish at Dural. Pete is only a phone call, PM or visit away, so dont be afraid to contact him for all your rods, reels and accessories.

We also have Seriously Stainless for any of your rod holders, rocket launchers etc. They are at Silverwater and yes are only a phonecall or PM away also.

If you are wanting to get amongst the bigger game fish, then Ross Hunter is the man to talk to for all your charter needs. Many of our members have gone out with him being first time marlin or tuna fisherman, come back in with smiles on their faces and been hooked for life.

Enjoy, hope to read heaps of your fishing reports, but please remember to read the site rules as to not incur the wrath of the mods or the admin.

Have fun and take care


Mrs Flightmanager

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