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Air Knots In Ultra Fine Braids


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Hi raiders,

I have been using suneline super PE in both 6 and 10lb.

These lines are great for the diameter, strength and limp construction however i do have issues with airknots occuring after lots of casting while working plastics on the bottom.... when it happens they are usually doozies.

Has anyone had this problem and over come it?

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what are air knots again? having mental block atm

if you mean when casting, the line wraps around the rod tip. the leader to braid knot is hitting your guides giving a sudden jolt. this causes slack which tends to wrap the tip. solution, make sure the knot doesn't get wound through the guides prior to casting.


if you mean a whole clump of tangle comes out like a birds nest, then you really have to make sure your line is wound on tight. a little help would be after a cast, pull the line tight againt the roller bearing

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they usaully happen for me when casting into wind or light baits etc. every now and then just cast out and wind line on under pressure. should do the trick.

soemtimes changing your casting technique can help as well.

The amount of braid on spool also seems to effect this as well. when braid drops a little it gets better but you lose casting distance.....

having said that some days braid just wants to tangle on you.


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I hope Hodgey doesnt mind me using his quote. I PM'd him a few nights ago cos i am experiencing it with my new sol. Heres what he said

"Firstly, make sure you haven't 'over-spooled' the reel by putting too much line on it. It should be about 1mm or so from the lip. Secondly, you will experience this knotting if you do not wind up the slack after each jig of the rod tip, especially if using 4-6lb braid. Your explanation is pretty close. You want to make sure the line is wound back on under some sort of tension, otherwise it forms lose layers, which will lead to loops, knots and swearing! Just work on your technique a bit .. it will all come good. To prove the point, cast the soft plastic out and wind it straight back in. Do this a couple of times and you will se that the line lays nicely on the SOL and there is no loop. IF there is, and you think it is because the spool is too full, simply remove some line."

Hope that helps. I actually think it has to do with the line and reel. When ever i start with a new reel/line i get those knots. Maybe my inexperience or maybe just takes a little time to adjust to the gear. If you take it slowly unwinding them they come out 9/10 times. Mike.

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Normally happens when you don't pay attention to the reel after the cast. Sometimes the braid will form a loop over the lip of the spool and next cast resulting in a mess. Always watch your reel after you cast when your bail is back in place, If a loop appears fix it by pulling on the drag until it comes out.

I also use 6lbPE on a Sol 2500 but have a strong habit of pulling the line tight after a cast by lifting the rod tip or pulling the line with my hand.

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As suggested by others, make sure you tighten up the line after a cast. Sometimes loops over the spool are created that catch the line when you cast out again.

Also, the leader shouldn't be so long that the leader-braid knot winds onto the spool. The knot will catch any line when you cast creating an absolute mess.

But some reels will be less prone to wind knots, like shimanos that have good line lay.


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Hey mate

I used to get them ALL the time and that were soooooooooooo annoying. But since I have started to have about 15 cast I flick the opposite way and wind the line back on very tigh.

Stops the wind knots and now I am trouble free.



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Like Browney mentioned.. used to happen to me all the time...

haven't tried winding in tighter etc, but have found over time that it just doesn't happen anymore...

Improved casting technique and timing has fixed it on my end...

:1fishing1: AJ

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