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Swordy And Reggie Hit The Georges River


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This morning I had the pleasure of fishing with Stewy on board his polycraft fish catching machine, on the Georges River We arrived at the ramp at 6.00 after only a couple of minutes we were casting lures at the rocky foreshore which flanks the river. It was slow going as the river had a lot of fresh water in it from the recent rain. We were both casting pink Smiling Jacks and Stewy was the first to hook up. After one hour of moving along the river banks Stewy had landed 3 fat bream and I had a nice Flathead which were all released to fight another day.

Then we approached a point in the river and Stewys lure was smashed as soon as it hit the water by a small school Jew which he dropped and a couple of casts latter it happened again. They were small but fun to chase. Then I picked up a Tailor my first on soft plastic. The fishing was very slow, Stewy picked up two more bream then we headed home not many fish caught but always a good day out fishing with Swordy.

And it beats being at work.




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Great day out Stephen and your company is always welcome :thumbup:

The fishing was a little tough but those cakes and Fionas unreal homemade pumpkin soup just made it all that more enjoyable and I know that you have picked up plenty of new ideas on the hard bod and plastic front and your five turn surgeon knot is now first class.

Cheers Stewy

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By the sounds of things it was a great day of relaxing and enjoyment.. I will be looking you up some time in the next few months stewie, so you can spend a day with me and give me some tips..

Well done boys :thumbup::beersmile:

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