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First Day On The Bay


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Hey Raiders,

Hit the Botany Bay today for a fish, been there once before but we really didn't fish.

Set off for an early start, but ended up helping some one with their car that had broken down

which took 40 minutes, a laundry truck had lost its load, and this poor young bloke was following a a hospital sheet wrapped around his drive shaft, I lent him a knife to try and cut it, but it ended up getting dragged away by the RTA.

So I got to the ramp, and by now it was well after sun up, so I spent a hour reorganising things,

making up traces and double checking everything.

Got to a some kelp and got my squid within 15mins, and lost some really big ones as well.

I wish I was there early, as when I arrived they were really hungry

The only yakkas I could find looked like baby kingfish they were so big, and the one I kept for a livie

spent the day under a float and wasn't touched.

Went out to the desal plant, but the wind by that stage had picked up and was too rough to fish one up.

Pulled up to a marker and pulled a 60cm salmon and a 67cm King and more horse size yakkas

Any way a great day on the bay, checked out the Captain Cook plaque on the marker

and having kingfish for dinner tonight


Barely legal, but it made my Tierra 2500 scream, and I home by myself this weekend

so it will make the perfect dinner


skinned, deboned & deblooded ready for the frypan


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