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Coupla Days At Swr


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post-2950-1240037416_thumb.jpgpost-2950-1240037364_thumb.jpgpost-2950-1240037317_thumb.jpgWe just got back from SWR yesterday, weather was great but the water is ordinary and getting worse (they just opened the flood gates to ley a bit more mud out).

First day we went south and finished with 10 reds from 40-70cm, pick pulled and we could get to the same spot. the three of us copped some monumental bust offs on some big reds on pretty heavy gear (10kg stella being the heaviest).

Mackerel fished for day 2, only one spotty (6.5kg) and a few small reds to 45cms. Water was worse at Grassy than Fish rock.

Day 3 we went up towards Coffs, found a nice bit of bottom and scored two 4-4.5Kg reds first casts with plastics,

threw the pick and in 2minutes had two 20Kg kings in the cubes along with two 1.5 Kg reds. Hooked one king on a livie about 1m off the boat, what a sight. Finished with shredded line and no king as expected in shallow water. Reset a livie to catch a 10KG cobe in 5 minutes, meanwhile big fish have moved into the cubes resulting in a HEAP more monumental bust offs and reds to 5 Kgs along with samberjacks (I am still not sure which they were) around the 5 kgs mark.

Cobe number 2 is landed on a dead bait (12Kgs) and good reddies keep coming. I put a livie on the deck after the floaters went a bit quite and scored a 20Kg cobe quickly followed by a 5 kg red.

Action went quite and we went home at 28 knots eating prawns and relaxing. I didnt mention it was raining for the whole day and I was the only one with a raincoat but no one seemed to care :1badmood: . Back at the ramp a couple of ramp rats told us that it was the best catch of fish that they had seen in over 6 months and that they dont miss anything that happens at the ramp.

Day 4 We headed back north, current had turned up hill and was running quite fast making cubing difficult

and the water had also got dirtier, long story short we got bugger all for 2 1/2 hrs then as we decided to move got a mackerel strike on the back livie that looked like a spanish. Decided to slow troll livies whilst prospecting we went 500m and I had a massive surface take from a spanish over 20kgs, line screamed off for 300m then stopped. I wound in to find a failed albright the culprit, I was pretty dirty as I havent caught a spanish and knot failure is certainly not an acceptable avenue. Anyway we resumed trolling to catch a spotty around 5 kgs which was a bit anti climatic after the spanish. That was it for the final trip and shows how fickle fish can be, same spot from aquarium to desert in 24 hrs because of a current change.

Even in paradise the fishin' gets tough :tease: .

Put some pictures up a bit later.

Cheers Marlin

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