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Lower Georges River 11 & 18.04.09


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Hello Raiders,

Wasn't expecting to post another report for a while. Been hitting the Lower Georges every weekend lately with the kids.

Last week's highlight was a new flathead PB :thumbup: at 43cm for my youngest son caught on a 2" minnow grub in pumpkinseed at the exact same spot he caught his bream a few weeks back.


It was his first keeper fish which was duly prepared for dinner that night. He was very happy to have provided food for the table that night.

We had one of our best trips out yesterday when we stumbled on a patch of school whiting and bream at some sand flats just outside of Oatley Bay. However, the highlight was my eldest son's catch on another sand flat close to Tom Ugly's bridge some time earlier. He had just finished reading his book and wanted to get back into fishing. Action was a little slow - actually dead. Nothing was being caught at this spot which was new for us. Not catching anything on a blade and seeing me getting bites on SPs, he asked for a change. I handed him his younger brother's set-up consisting of a Shimano Sienna reel, 4lb crystal fireline with 6lb leader rigged with a Stimulate Slab 3" pumpkinseed grub. Second cast out, I hear the reel drag going. "I think it's snagged Dad", he says. We were moving with the electric motor but he notices the line moving out fast and head shakes. "It's a fish!" Based on the amount of line peeling from the reel, I knew it was a good fish. I tightened the drag slightly and told him to take it easy. He found out the hard way not to hold the line to slow down the fish, especially with braided line. :ranting2:

After some anxious moments moving around the boat to clear the electric motor, we saw her for the first time :1yikes: . I was successful at the third attempt to get her in our bream sized net and hoisted her into the boat :yahoo: .


She came in at 73cm and was too heavy for #1 son to lift properly for the photo. After some snaps on our camera, I put her in the water and pulled her alongside the boat to aerate her gills. When she started swiiming her tail #1son knew it was time to say goodbye and he released the lip grips.

Now, I am saddled with a problem :mad3: - #1 son claims that he fishes less than me but catches bigger fish!!

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Musty - you're right. It used to belong to Rizzo. Were you on your way to a fish as well?

Tan - I know how to solve the problem, leave the kids at home so that I can do more fishing! Actually, I do enjoy having the kids around even if I don't get to fish as aggressively. All catches are a 'team effort' be it controlling the electric motor or netting the fish.

Having a look at other member's posts, looks like the Georges has some nice sized lizards this year ...

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