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Myola Fishing Holiday


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Spent 4 days down in a rented waterfront house at Myola down JB way.


Took the extended family and with a jetty in the backyard everyone had a ball. 5 year old Hugo couldn't be pulled away from the floating pontoon as he caught baitfish from dawn 'til dusk with the scoop net I bought him.


I had 3 generations fishing and catching lots of little bream, sweep, poddies and jackets.post-4017-1240104459_thumb.jpg



We pulled some mussels of the jetty and had a delicious cook up with a few good fish caught.post-4017-1240104511_thumb.jpg Took the wifeypoo out on the yak and she kicked my %$@* catching little flatties.post-4017-1240104572_thumb.jpg I used live poddies off my yak and only managed a couple of flatties of decent size (a bit disappointing after slaying the big flatties lately in Sydney) Scored one nice bream of 35cm on a nipper at dusk.


The fishing wasn't electric but the place was magic and everyone had a ball relaxing and fishing.post-4017-1240104480_thumb.jpg

Can't wait to get back there!



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What a magic four days Rob. Looks like the whole family had an absolute ball! Even mum got in on the act and snared a few flatties :thumbup: Some sensational photos mate. Well done on a productive and enjoyable holiday :yahoo:



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G'day Jenno64, mate it sounds like you had a great time, the only bad thing is that it ended, fun with fishing and the family, dosen't get any better, great holiday pics too..


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Hey Rob, Wonderfull place down there isn't it. My olds have a place right round the corner. I used to jump off a swing into the water about 100 meters away from you. Did you see the big mama sting ray that often shows off around there?

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How gorgeous is that, Rob?? Love the pics too. You may have started a 'family tradition' now! :1yikes:

Sounds like you got a real mixed bag & well done on the nice bream & flatties.

Good to see the yak got an outing too:)



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You did not mention the sandflies and the need to wear long trousers and airoguard. I fished runout tide on Myola breakwall last Saturday afternoon, caught stud blackfish, but am suffering today with at least

20 sandfly bites, itchy a hell,


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We stayed in the exact house a couple of Easters ago, it is a magical spot. Didnt cath much off the jetty but we did try and catch a monster eel that came round each evening. Thanks for posting , brought back happy memories !

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