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Lilli Pilli Baths Squidding


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hi there

so tried squidding down at lilli pilli bath last week, saw heaps of small arrows by the looks of it and one monster calamari - easily 50cm just it's main body - but by the time had rigged up it had long gone

went back for another crack last night, didnt see any at all.......but when winding in had the surprise on my line of a 25cm fat cuttlefish...didnt put up a fight or anything so was quite surprised when i saw water and ink being squirted when my line got close

i threw it back before we left because we didnt catch anything else so there wasnt much point in keeping just one - but i was just wondering as im still pretty inexperienced in squidding - are these a common by-catch? and more importantly, can they be eaten? and if so, how do you cook them? i know how with squid but ive got no idea with these guys.....they're pretty chunky though so i imagine the meat would be alright?

also, is lilli pilli a good spot for squidding usually? or are there more reliable/productive land based spots around that you all know of and would be willing to share to a beginner trying to learn

thanks in advance anyway, hope you all had a good weekend




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hi ther ,

Mate try yowie bay wharf next to the ramp we have been sqidding ther for couple of weeks and we have been getting a few calamari and arrow just get ther b4 the sunset till 10.o pm lights turn off at 1o pm. Use pink or orange in size 2 . Might c U there oneday Cheers Bangus :1fishing1:

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Hi Mattycoss, good advice from Bangus and SnapR also I have found gymea bay wharf is good and any other wharf in the hacking with a light or weed around it. At lilli pilli baths you also catch a few squid and cuttlefish inside the pool or off the pool on the opposite side of the wharf, Hope that helps.

Cheers Mike

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Lilli pilli is shocking for squid at night onli the cuttles are there but at sunset there are heaps if they arnt there try working your way around the rocks you'll be surprised :thumbup: Or else if at squiding at night just head over to wally's much more consistent if you can get a spot.


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