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Ray And Hutch Fishing In The Wind And Rain

Ray R

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:1fishing1: Hi Raiders, Hutch and I had a little session this arvo/evening in some nasty windy and rainy conditions, we firstly pumped a few nippers and then headed off to Lobster Beach for a plastic bash hoping for some flatties, well I think the flatties had ducked for cover from the wind and rain cause there wasn't any takers , so we headed back towards the Ettalong area and here we found a few flatties , only small though and they all went back, 2 on nippers and 2 on SP's. Then we drifted over to our spot just on the eastern side of the rip and anchored up just before dark, Hutcho put out a whole squid and waited for mr jewie while I played around with the light gear, I managed to get some nice bream, not big but not a bad size, got 5 keepers between 28cm -32cm, Hutcho on the other side of the boat was getting small snapper, thought that was a bit odd but anyway it happens sometimes.

So there you have it, a quick report from the Brisbane Waters, there are a few fish around and worth a try if you can get out there and don't mind a bit of wind and rain..


Anice rainbow over Ettalong


Nippers from Wagsaffe


Me with Mr Bream


A nice haul of Bream


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Nice breambos there, Ray - shame the jewies didn't come out to play with Hutcho's squid! :1badmood:

Getting a bit of cabin fever myself! It is raining steadily as I type & I can only just make out Cape Hawke in the distance, due to the rain/fog.

Managed to get out on to the rocks yesterday & snaffled a couple of blackies on cunje in the rough water, but was drenched twice .... my waterproof bike jacket worked well! :1prop:

Had a couple of buddies with me who'd never fished for blackies like that & both got fish. Both got busted off by what we assume to be drummer. One got 2 fish, the other 6! :1yikes: (Bloody show off!) He was fishing 6lb line to my 15lb! :wacko:

Hope the weather clears for my bass trip this weekend! :(



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how do i pump for nippers rayr? ive never done it b4, i know ill have to buy a nipper pump, are they a good sturdy bait ? (stay on hook good) or are they easy 4 pickers to get off?

G,day diver1,

Yes you need a nipper pump and a low tide sand flat with the tell tale holes in the sand, there is a bit of an art to it but easily learnt, try to find someone up your way who does it and watch you will soon get the hang of it, very easy with 2 people one pumps and the other gathers, as for sturdiness well they are a soft bait and they really are only a 1or2 hit bait, in saying this though Bream just seem to suck the whole thing down and hook themselves, I just feed them on to a no4 long shank a bit like a prawn..


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Nice work Ray... how many times did the little bleeders nip your fingers. That looks like a bucket of trouble :biggrin2:

Cheers, Slinky

Always go for the nipper first, and yes I have had those fine pincer claws embedded deep into the finger

Cheers Slinky..

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Good effort Ray

We are hoping to get out on the weekend and use everything up we bought from last weekend that we didn't use.

There has been some monster bream taken from the Eastern side of the bridge prior to the rain and the wind. Hopefully it will start to settle down.


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