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Stewys Pb Flathead On Sps


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One of the advantages of doing shift work is you can fish on some of Sydney’s best water ways without the busy boat ramps and you can have the pick of fishing spots.

Stewy and I work for different companies but our shift roster rotation are the same at the moment so I have been lucky enough to be out with Stewy the last couple of weeks .In which he has passed on to me a small part of the wealth of knowledge he has on lure fishing.

Its great coming home and not smelling like rotten prawns.

Today we were on the Georges River at 6.00am and today target was a George’s river Jew fish. We fished hard for a couple of hours with Soft Plastics the river is still dirty from all the rain. Sadly the jewies were not about.

We changed to the Bream gear Stewy got a couple of small ones which were released.

Then Stewy cast a 4inch pumpkin seed turtle back worm it hit the water and was smashed after a battle of some minutes a huge Flathead came to the surface it was netted and measured it went 74cm on 4lb braid and it was a PB for swordy on SPs. :yahoo::thumbup: Photos were taken and decided to release the fish to fight another day.

I ended up with 3 Bream on SPs kept 1 and Stewy picked up 2 more flathead and dropped a good size one at the boat.

The day belonged to Stewy with his PB flathead and I had another great day learning about lure fishing.






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Another great day out Stephen and you are definately coming of age with the bream on plastics and no wind knots today which is always a challenge.

Thanks for the top net work too as it would have been a drama by myself :thumbup:

When I asked you "If you wanted to keep the big girl or throw her back" you didnt hesitate and said we will get plenty more !!! and we did :yahoo:







Cheers Stewy

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Today looked like a perfect day to be out on the water.

Great to see all those healthy looking flatties and bream already being caught in the Georges. I was reluctant to go today since the water would still be quite murky and dirty, but I guess I'm wrong, there's a lot of action happening already.

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Congrats on the PB Stewy! :thumbup: Sounds like you are enjoying the opportunities to fish together Stephen, and your luck/technique is improving. Excellent stuff mate. Well done to you both on another successful day on the water.



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Hey Stewy

Excellent flattie there mate, an excellent size fish and on such low line class. Bit sweat coming down when you first had a look, haha



Steve ,the only sweat that I had that morning was from wearing my thermal gear when the sun started to warm up :074:

I was very happy to get my new PB and thats always a buzz for me these days.

Even though it was on 4lb braid you can still put a lot of hurt on if you have a decent leader and I didnt use a lot of drag on this fish as I have found that with finger pressure on the spool I have a lot more feel with fish that do a few big lunges right near the boat,seems to work :biggrin2:

Cheers Stewy

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