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Clarke's Point Kingy


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Went downt to Clarke's point last week with my cousins just to get them out on their holidays for a good relaxing fish. Went and picked up some nippers from drummoyne live bait n tackle and had prepared my special chicken bait. We got to our spot at around 11:00am to see clear water along with no wind at all. I wasnt prepared for kingfish only taking my 8 pound set up and not the right bait. noticed early on many frigates swimming past rapidly, then some bigger splashes around 11.35am. i sent out a live nipper and left it for 5 mins, came back to see the rod with a few bites. picked up the rod expected to hook on to a small snapper. after many runs and a couple of mins i saw the kingy in the water followed by some more frigates swimming around it. great day for a kingy at clarke's point and the cousins were excited they had seen a kingfish.

Happy Fishing Everyone



R.I.P Neil (Kingy Pro)

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Nice Fish mate on what loks liek to be a beautiful day.

The lack of commercial fishing should see some resident kings over winter.

After that catch, I think clarkes point will be more packed than usual (if that is possible!)

A terrible tragedy to loose Neil. Such an inspiration to soo many people.

Kindest regards to his family.


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