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Middle Harbour


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Hi Raiders,

Went out on sunrise this morning for a quick fish.

First bait down within 30 seconds and i land this nice big lizard.

She took a large salted tailor fillet. She went about 85cm so i released her quick smart.

Over the next few hours landed quite a few fish. Kept a trevor for the cats and landed an amberjack i think.

Wasnt sure if it was or a rat so i let it go as well. Hooked a few more on my bait jig but they busted me off.

Also a lot of yakkas, pinkies and a couple of slimies. A slimy fillet git totally nailed but i didnt get a hook up.

Water is cooling off at my spot and is down to 19.4 C.

All up good fun considering the last two weeks i was rotten sick with the flu and then a few days ago i knocked out a front tooth.

Cheers all.




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Great catch there Zenman! :thumbup: Lovely looking flattie.

Once the samsons loose their juvenile colouring find them and amberjacks very difficult to tell apart without counting the dorsal rays (amberjack 29-35, samson fish 23-25). Given the shape of that one I would have probably guessed samson, but I could be wrong!

Well done either way :yahoo:

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May the good karma be with you always...great fish and great release Zenman!

Hi Jenno,

I have had the best run on big flatties this year with many coming in at 80cm and above. I have kept a few but released most of them.

A few years ago i saw an old timer pull in one that went over 1m. If i hadnt seen it i wouldnt have believed it.

He caught it on a hand line with a sardine.

I have been hoping the karma credits i have been accumulating this season would be redeemable for a mulloway over 10kgs. :1prop:


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