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Ic 24/4


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Decided to go for a quick sesion in Iron cove.

I thought the mullet might still be there so i rigged up with a float and bread.

First cast i got a massive down but i pulled the hooks. About 10 cast later it went down and i striked hard, the drag was screaming so i tightened it up abit and wrestled this fish to the bank. to my surprise it was a fat bream. It measured 29cm


So i realesed him and threw the float back out

Next cast im on zzzzzzz i tightened the drag up so he didnt snag me and after another short tussle i lift him up the bank. Another bream this model meisured 27cm


So i decided to rebait again and i got another bream this one was about 7 cm long.i quickly released him.

I left the fish biting and went because the rain was coming.

Cheers hazza

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