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Anzac Day First


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Hit the Georges this morning and trolled poddies...lots of weed around fouling the rigs and there wasn't much interest so I moved up to CC bridge for the top of the tide. Had some interesting takes and lost a flatty at the yak. Got one around 50cm and then one rod goes off with some spark...didn't feel like a flatty as the runs were short bursts and multi-directional. Up comes my first soapy on the yak. Might have to start targeting them now that the flatties have slowed down!



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Hi jenno64 Nice to see you get onto a jewfish in your yak.. :thumbup: ..... there were a few good jewfish caught late last year by a couple of blokes in a small punt which had an electric motor on it who were continually circling the pylons one at a time around CC bridge for quite a few hours centred around the top of the tide.. Maybe it would be worthwhile doing another jew session and letting a bit of slack out on your live poddies just outside the pylons as you mark time or hold your yak there there one evening when the high tide is around 8pm perhaps.

Cheers mate

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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I think you are right about the poddies out at the top of the tide after dark....must get some nav lights and get out there!

Rob I rather like the idea of you using the yak around the bridges in the Georges at night and I reckon poddies in deepwater at night would be sitting ducks especially struggling against a bit of weight on a long leader, and feeling all at sea on a couple of good 3/0's with the top hook just trailing away on a piece of soft lumo tube to keep the the piece of leader line going to the trailing hook free of the control hook... the trailing hook can be coming off a ring above the main control hook and that would make a bird of it and a good way to go easy on a poddy I reckon...

I suppose a set of those battery operated portable navigation lights on suction caps might go well on the front sides of your yak and would be easy to put on and take off at the end each night session ay.....

You could probably fix the all round light onto a piece of dowel or similiar and mount the dowel into say a spare rod holder or a similiar fitting to meet the new 1meter clearance requirements above the navigation lights ...I had portable navigation lights on a small spare boat a while ago and they were around $35 a set I think at fat wallys or some other rip off name up the coast that sounded like the owner was fat :D ...... But I'm not sure if portable light sets are available in led's and come with small rechargable batteries these days or not..... Nevertheless it's always a good idea to take all batterys out after use as the good brands seem to top themselves back up somehow when they are disconnected and that includes small batteries and D batteries in portable bait tank pumps and lanterns and torches etc....

I reckon fishing in the yak would go well around the bridges near the mouth around the top but I've found it's better up river/s from the bottom stillwater fishing right thru and and casting around the pylons while the new water is still coming in and fishing the opposite way when the tide turns again....

It would be very interesting to see how you go over time going around quietly in the yak but it might be worth fitting a 5 inch gaff hook to the other end of your fishing net and putting a plastic sleeve off a silicone tube etc over the point.....

Cheers mate.... Keep up the good work on the jew....I reckon you'll do really well over a few sessions in the yak as there are a lot of benefits in being able to get around quietly in the dark and being one up on fussy jewfish is always the way to go......

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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