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Squirt Worms Please Help


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hi raiders im very new 2 this great site wanting 2 do abit of bait fishing for bream during the winter using nippers and squirt worms but dont know of any locations where i would find these worms can any body help will be fishing mainly botany , georges,and hawksbury . can i buy squirt worms from any tackle shop or does any body know where 2 pump these great squirmey little critters ? any help is greatly appreciated . Cheers

AC fisho

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I haven't looked for squirtworms before , BUT all I know is during low tides you can see in the sandy mud substrate you can see holes which are about half a centimetre in diameter. I believe those are squirt worm holes.

Just want to add, does anyone have a picture of a squirtworm? Just want to know whether I've actually caught them before or not.

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