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Sea Legs


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huuuuuuggggggeeeeeege price tag

Shame they use a second aircooled motor for the hydraulic drive. Been around for a few years now and were trying to get millitary contracts about 4 years ago.

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great idea though...

Good for the camping/off the beaten track locations where there are no boat ramps, or you have to drive half way around a bay to get to the ramp, only to have to boat it all the way back aross the bay to get to a spot... Not to mention waiting a ramp..

Saves alot of wear and tear on the trailer too I imagine...

price tag... hmmm..

One can only dream I guess...

:1fishing1: AJ

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Be nice to register it as a Robin reliant and drive it through the car wash and home or simply hitch up the front wheel on the towball and forget a trailer. They have they have come down a lot in price and currency $50,000 without motor isn't small bickies. Wish I owned the waterfront to take full advantage of it and feel like Jimmy Bond.

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