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Mixed Bag Monday


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Tried to get out of the wind today by heading up the Wonny but my mate and I were paddling into the teth of the 25kt wind so we headed back down stream and trolled livies. Picked up a flatty and then on an unweighted prawn scored a blackfish! Back to a more sheltered spot with a drop-off from 4ft-20ft and picked up another flatty then had a good hit on a live poddy...then nothing. Pulled the poddy in and found a crush mark around its body....got me thinking....Jew? Picked up a small bream to complete the dinner box. Twas a hard day's fishing and my new Starlo stick snapped a foot from the tip for no reason Not happy!


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It's a 2 piece but the last 2cm of the tip snapped two days ago and I fitted a new tip and now this...makes me think it's faulty! Might give Shimano a call and gte a new end half. Haven'y had any trouble with their gear before.

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nice mixed bag there jenno64 :biggrin2:

bugger about the rod though....

i had a new 2-4kg mexican raider snap when setting drag a few mths ago..(not high sticked and only got 1kg on scales).

most gear comes from china/malasia and the like and mass products tend to have a few bad ones slip through sometimes...

i would see either the shop you bought it from or go down taren pt and see them direct...

mine got warranted by shop and as you said i had never previously had issues with quality shimano either...

mine was about same distance as well with no signs of previous chips/damage.just a fault with blank i think....mmmmm food for thought.....


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