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Fitzroy Falls Res., Pejar Dam, Marsden Weir & Thirlmere Lakes


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Driving down to Canberra for work on Friday but thought I'd tackle a trout or Bass on the way home and according to the guide to NSW Stocked lakes and dams the most covenient area's appear to be Fitzroy Falls Resivour (moss vale), Pejar Dam (goulburn), Marsden Weir (goulburn) & Thirlmere Lakes (picton) on my back to the Sutho Shire.

Any body fished them recently or know how they are fishing or holding? I've never set foot in any of them so any info would be great (Fair chance I'll never re-fish them either, so don't worry about me pinching your little honey hole)

Also any tips on gear, am taking my 2500 spind stick with 4 lb braid and was thinking sp's might be the go and I don't own any fly gear.....I will be purely landbased.

Also any other lakes/dams or systems that might be worth sussing out?

Thanks in advance....

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You could try Pejar, I haven't fished it recently but have heard the dams fishing well at the moment. There's plenty of access and it's not to far out of your way. Bait fishos are doing well but sp's should also work.

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Fitzroy Falls dam is full of carp with the odd bass and trout mixed on there. I had carp hitting lures when i was down there so, if its just some fun you want thats okay. Oh BTW you can't fish the whole dam at Fitzroy falls, only a certain section towards the south.

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Cheers Guys....ended up Fishing Pejar exclusively.....visited the boys in Goulborne tackle store who gave us the inside running.....fish were there and in good numbers so they said. I'd never thrown in a dam or tried for trout...sp's used only and I connect to two solid fish but both were dropped before i got a look at them....Coyote the same....tried various sp's from squidgy wrigglers to gulp 2' shrimp and even a couple of hardy's.

My hook ups came on very small firebaits 2' minnow is the clear on a 1 g jig head, only started throwing them late in the session and pinned both fish just before i had to leave....Next time I'll start with them.

There were some good bustup on the surface and enough to have me coming back again in the future.

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