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How Do You Rig Cuttlefish For Kings?


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Hello all...

Never posted before, tho have read many stories. well done on the site.

I read the article bout catching cuttlefish by fibbo and i also catch more cuttle than squid. After hearing that they can be used for bait i'm wondering are they rigged the same as squid with 2 hooks or is it betta with 1, cause ive tried and their tough lil buggers!! Do kings prefer the head cause of the hard part in the body?? Do you fish them on the bottom and if so do you use a running sinker or a patternoster rig? Or on a float?

Cheers for any help... :beersmile:

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If your just catching the little ones you can use them live on either a single or double hook rig, its up to you but i prefer a double hook just to make sur eim gonna hook whatever comes along. Alternatively, you can strip it up (esp if your catching the massive ones) in which case i would just use a single hook through the top so it flutters around naturally.

I wouldnt use a paternoster or a float or a running ball... instead put the sinker above your swivel and then your leader below the swivel. As for depth, generally drop it to the bottom and wind it up a couple of metres, or alternatively, fish unweighted and just let it gradually sink down.

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