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Water In Fuel


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HI raiders.... with all the talk about fuel and water in recent threads i thought i would add that i was always told that if i suspected i had water in my fuel to add metho to the tank which soaks up the water? Can anyone confirm or deny this? Remember draining water from carbies in a southerly inside the banks many years ago.....not much fun at all but we got home......

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put a water separating fuel filter on if you are at all worried

Yes metho ( ie ethanol) will absorb a small quantity of water

Is it a good thing to do - in a very small quantity possibly will not do much harm but the general answer is use a filter and get good fuel to start with and fix any possible area where water can get into fuel. Meth dissolves oils and changes them so if it is a premix be very careful. Avoid it and most fuel traetments.

In some of the late model carby motors it can take only a small amount of water to stop them running and in some injected motors can damage injectors. Manufacturers seem to have forgotten the carby drains as well on late model motors.

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Any alkanol be it methanol or ethanol will attract water. But if you add these, you'll still have to get rid of them by the use of a fuel filter otherwise you are just going to put both the water and alkanol through your engine.

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