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Weather, Moon Etc


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I have been fishing for over a year now but have only just got a boat a couple of months ago, since i got the boat we have caught some great trevally and some monster flathead, heaps of average flatties too and some nice bream :yahoo: , we have been out for jewies a couple of times with no success recently but the jewies just take time. anyway when we go out we make sure its going to be okay weather like its not too windy or pouring down with rain :1badmood: but i have also heard that the moon, water temps and stuff like that has an effect on fishing :wacko: ? we have caught some nice fish so have we just been getting lucky?? does it really make that much of a difference?? can you tell me a few things we need to look out for??

cheers your advice is much appreciated.

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There are many many factors that will influence a bite. Water temp is a big one for sure, the moon I'm slightly skeptical of, but in the shallows with a full blaring moon over head, night fishing can definitely be harder. Also Baromatic pressure, wind speed and direction, salinity, coud cover and on and on..and then some more stuff we don't know about too.

Try searching these forums on each topic as much has been said about this stuff in the past.


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Patience is the trick for your first jewie!!

once you land your first you will have no trouble catching them.

But dont be affraid to try something new.

Goodluck, Michael

yeah i know tell me about it, i have caught jewies before just never on my boat and after many trips i caught 2 in 40mins and then my mate caught one the next day and we havnt seen one since but we dont really target them much so im not surprised, like you said we just have to be patient.



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