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Hi fellow Raiders,

Im going squidding for my first time on saturday out in botany bay, i just want to catch a couple of nice ones for bait. i have read up a fair bit about squidding from this site and some books etc but i just wanted to know if anybody would be willing to shed some light on their fav spot for squid in the bay?? or what too look out for, for a good spuid spot? i heard that i can get squid in weedy areas so i was going to try along kurnell beach??? any advice or tips would be much appreciated. also if i caught a big squid that was too big to use as bait would it work just as effectivly to cut the squid up?? i know it will be dead and i was aiming for live baits but it would have only died seconds before hitting the water so my theory is it should be nearly equally as effective. also will burley help?? ill be using a squid jig so should i put some ultrabite attractant on it or does that mainly work for fish?

as always your advise is very much appreciated.



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Hey If your landbased try la perouse with squid heavy line coz you might hook a Big occy which maybe be holding on rock crevices.

If your off a boat you should try find really deep water anywhere in the bay But i have only tried around monoliex point and yarra bay my self with some good results.

When off a boat use a paternoster rig with 1 squid jig on a bottom and a pillies on a spike on the top This works really really well but :thumbup: Smaller squid smell the pillie but pillie too big for them so they take the jig larger squid attack any.

Should let your boat drift and when you hook onto a squid lift up your rod slowly THis this will hook up then bring it in really really really slowly because squid school and a secong squid will attack the second jig

Goodluck :thumbup:

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