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Need A Rod For Vsystem 30 Reel


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What is kick ass rod that will suit this reel ? To give more of an idea my 2-5kg Pflueger tournament feels too light for this reel and my 5-8 kg snapper raider feels too heavy for it.

My guess of what will feel balanced would be an up to 6kg (12lb) rod. But will need to go to the tackle shops to test. Will be putting 10lb braid on it for luring/baiting for pelagics, jews etc. etc.

Ideally, needs to be:

6'6 to 7'2

2 piece (NO 1 piece)

up to ~$300

Would love to have a few suggestions to check out at the shops tomorrow. No brand preference.

If I can get comments on how the rod actually feel or whether they are way above /below their rating, that would be great.

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Trinus by okuma or a couple of t-curve will suit your budget.

At the end of the day you get what suits u as u need to be comfortable handling your gear all day.

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Thanks for the suggestions .. I finally got out and tried a few rods tonight .. Did not see any suitable t-curves or the trinnus .. but saw three Daiwas - tierra, advantage & sol.

The Tierra was nice and came in two piece so I tested the reel on this and the advantage. It felt more balanced on the advantage ... but it cost $100 more and only in 1piece...

Cast weight was 7-14 grams and it's rated 8-14lb. Maybe I should also have tried out the next one up, the 10-17 lb because the cast weight looks more in the range I am after .. 10-18 grams. Anyone here have either rod ?

Next rod I want to check out is the Nitro Magnum Butt. It is rated 4-6 kg but I have read it is a bit of a weapon .. I think 4-6kg might be under rating the rod . Lure throwing range is 9-40 grams ..


Anyone with this rod ? Any thoughts ?

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Rapala Braid Concept is not in the correct weight range for what I am after .. the lightest they have is a 2-4kg then it goes to up to 6-12kg.. I can't seem to find much info/specs on these rods either. When I look for a heavier setup, I am definitely going to consider one of these .. they look great, although have read that there have been a few breakages ...

Anyone have any experience with the new design Pflueger Trion cork split grip 3-6kg rods ? Very similar to the Tierra but reel seat sits a little higher on the Trion.

Not interested in the Okuma Trinnus rod because it did not feel very well made .. sorry ..

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